Tips For Organizing Baby’s Room

It’s such an exciting time when baby is on the way! Organizing the baby’s room decor while thinking about who will be spending time in the room will make everyone more comfortable when baby arrives.

When Designing Baby’s Room, Don’t Forget About Mom!

When designing a nursery for baby, don’t forget to think about mom (and dad!) too!

When a new baby is on the way the focus is of course on the little one when organizing the decor for a room, but mom will be spending plenty of time in the room as well and should remember consider her comfort. Making wise purchases and decorating decisions will pay off in the long run, not only for baby, but for mom, too.

Consider some of these main areas of the room, for baby and moms comfort later.

Change Table

There are many dressers that have a detachable changing table that sits on top. Check that the changing table is at a comfortable height by standing in front of it, bending your arms at a ninety-degree angle. The top of the changing area should be just below your arms. This will help reduce back strain. If you decide to get a separate change table be sure to look and see what system you can use for organizing diapers, cream, ointments and other baby necessities.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is often very soothing to a new baby, so you may be spending a lot of time in it. While shopping, take the time to try several chairs out for comfort by having a seat in them. If the back is too straight, it won’t be comfortable for those long nights. Check the rocking mechanism. Is it enclosed to avoid little fingers getting pinched?


Baby’s clothes may be little, but you need a good system for organization and storage as little things can build up! If you want to save some money when looking at dressers, think about getting on that is big enough to last a few years.


Soft lighting is great for quiet time. An overhead light is good to have for general daily use, but it is also wise to invest in a small lamp or night light near the changing table for late night care. This keeps the late-night disturbances at a minimum for the baby, helping everyone to get back to sleep quicker.


Think Mozart had music playing in his nursery? Either way, music can be soothing to both baby and mom. Have a CD player ready to go with some soft music and also some fun songs for playtime. Keep the CD’s in a case or special shelf so they are organized and ready to go for whatever mood strikes baby.


In addition to baby blankets, it’s wise to have a larger afghan or blanket on hand for mom to use while snuggling with the baby. Stored in a large wicker basket will keep the blankets organized and also give the room a little cozy touch.


Once the baby starts crawling and playing on the floor, having some pillows for mom to sit on can make a world of difference for her. One of the leaning pillows with arms can also make a nice backrest for mom, too, while playing on the floor with the little one.

Organizing the nursery properly will create a comfortable environment for both the mom and baby. This will make the nursery an enjoyable place to be while they are getting to know each other.

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